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Towards another shore

Written by Kristoffer Ranaweera 02.jun.2010

The Norwegian Emigration Center commemorates that it is 185 years since Restauration departed from Stavanger, bound for America, with a cultural event in the port of Stavanger.

Towards another shore

The 16th of June 2010 will be a day of remembrance, for this summer marks the 185th anniversary of the start of the Norwegian emigration to America. Approximately 185 years ago 52 people set sail from the port of Stavanger, bound for the new world. 

To mark this occasion the Norwegian Emigration Center will host a cultural event in the port of Stavanger. 

The event is called Towards another shore and consists of three separate happenings: 

The unveiling of a historic nameplate for Lars Larsen Geilane

Lars Larsen Geilane is the person who was commisioned by the Quakers movement to organize the exodus from Stavanger in 1825. He has long lived in the shadow of Cleng Peerson, and to rectify this, a historical nameplate will be unveiled in his honor.

The christening of the emigrant ship Restauration

The Restauration (picture) is a replica of Norways first emigrant vessel which left Stavanger on the 5th of June 1825, carrying 52 people. The christening will take place on Strandkaien outside the Maritime museum at 1.45pm. Jill H. Russell, a decendant of Lars Larsen Geilane, has been given the task to christen the vessel.

The opening of the exhibition; the road to a better life?

Behind people's decision to break up, there is a desire for a better life. This is a documentary exhibit which will show the parallels between the historical emigration from Norway and the life as a pioneer in America, and todays emigration from Africa and the life as an immigrant in Stavanger. The exhibition will be opened by Professor David Mauk

Everyone is welcome to participate in the event!

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