Friends of the Emigrant Center

The Friends of the Emigrant Center was constituted on 10 March 2004 with the purpose of supporting the Emigrant Center’s work and promoting interest in Norwegian migration history.

The association is an independent support association with its own board, where the leader by virtue of his position also sits on the board of the Norwegian Emigrant Center. The association’s funds shall, according to the board’s decision, be used for the benefit of the emigrant center.

The association’s board in 2012:
 Ole Jone Eide  manager
 Einar Sanstøl  board member / treasurer
 Audun Rosland  board member
 Turid Myhra  board member
 Kate Elin Norland  deputy member
 Rigmor Hasle Amundsen  deputy member
 Per Inge Bøe  the emigrant centre’s representative