Norwegian Emigration History – Restored

The Norwegian Emigration Center Foundation started in the 1980s and had this website from at least 1999, which is practically the dawn of Internet time. It went off line in 2020. While it was up it was a great resource for those people with Norwegian ancestry wanting to learn about their history. We thought it would be a good idea to restore as much of the website that we could. Also, we will track down additional information, resources on Norwegian migration and add them here. Lastly, we are considering adding information so that those with a Norwegian heritage can possibly sponsor relatives to emigrate too.

In terms of how we will present this information, our sense is to refocus this away from Norway and to the places that Norwegians emigrated to. Thus while the original site was in Norwegian with the option to have an English translation, we will reverse this. Our restoration will be in English with other languages including Norwegian as translated options.

You can contact us while we are working on this project to provide feedback and questions.

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